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None of us likes to think about losing the ability to manage our own affairs and to make decisions about our money and welfare. But it does happen. An estimated 700,000 people in the UK suffer with dementia – including one in five of those over 80. Stroke, brain injuries or mental health problems render others incapable of making their own decisions.

It is important to put the right arrangements in place early, so that if that day comes, someone we trust and who loves us can make important decisions on our behalf.

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lasting power of attorney wiltshire

LPA - An introduction

The arrangement that we all need to make, but most of us never do is called the Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) and is a legal document giving authority to a trusted individual to make decisions on your behalf when you cannot do it yourself.

There are two types of LPA – Property & Affairs and Personal Welfare.

Property & Affairs – this enables one or more people chosen by you to make decisions relating to how your money is spent. It can also include directions relating to your property and financial affairs.

Personal Welfare – again enables one or more people of your choice to make decisions relating to your welfare and healthcare including permissions to refuse or consent to medical treatment and where you live.
There are, of course, many reasons why you should have an LPA, for instance:

  • Injury or accident resulting in a long stay in hospital which prevents you from managing your day-to-day affairs
  • Having to go abroad for a prolonged period and wanting to have your property managed by a trusted individual
  • Suffering from a disease which would incapacitate you either physically or mentally

An LPA is a very important and valuable document and to fully understand its advantages and limits we can help and advise you with completion and registration. It is generally accepted that everyone should make an LPA in case their lives change for the worse. Without an LPA the stress and hardship caused can be considerable and the cost can be many thousands of pounds in unnecessary fees and time consuming bureaucracy for your loved ones.

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