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There are lots of reasons to take out a funeral plan. It’s the chance to put your affairs in order and protect your loved ones from the stress and expense of arranging the funeral. What’s more, it allows you to freeze funeral costs at today’s prices, so you’re protected against inflation and rising funeral expenses.

Why plan ahead?

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The funeral you want, planned and paid for in advance

When you take out a funeral plan, you’re not just protecting your family against rising funeral costs, you’re also protecting them against the worry of making the arrangements. When the time comes, your family need only make one phone call.

From organizing the cremation to arranging transport and choosing the funeral directors, it’s all taken care of by the funeral plan and if they want to add their own, personal touches, like flowers, readings and hymns – they can.

Only funeral plans are guaranteed

Funeral plans aren’t the only way to take care of funeral costs. You could invest your money or take out an over 50s policy, but neither of these options are guaranteed to cover funeral expenses in the future. After all, they’ll rise with time, but the amount you’re covered for won’t. So when the time comes, the cost of the funeral may exceed the amount you’re covered for.



If you choose a funeral plan, you’ll pay the price of the plan and not a penny more. But if you choose a life assurance or over 50’s policy, you may have to continue making payments right up to the point where a payout is made, which means you could end up paying more than the lump sum paid out.

What’s more, these other ways to take care of funeral costs don’t include help with the funeral arrangements, so your family would still have to do that themselves. With a Dignity Funeral Plan your loved ones will be helped and guided with the arrangements by a helpful and compassionate Dignity Funeral Director.


Pre-pay Funeral Costs

Pre-pay funeral costs, at today’s prices Not only are your funeral expenses as outlined in the plan guaranteed to be covered, but with our pre-paid funeral plans you also freeze these funeral costs at today’s prices.

Funeral expenses are rising every year – in 2006 the average price was £2,225 but it’s estimated that by 2018, the average cost of a funeral could rise to £4,931. Your loved ones will be protected emotionally as well as financially, and you will have the peace of mind knowing your affairs are in order.

Whitebrook Wills are agents for ‘Dignity’ who provide a Guaranteed Funeral Plan. Dignity is a specialist British company operating throughout the UK through a network of over 900 funeral directors. Dignity is registered with the Funeral Planning Authority and regulated by the code of practise for Prepaid Funeral Plans. They are one of the few plan providers who guarantee the price you pay for your funeral will actually cover the costs and won’t leave your family out of pocket.

Payments for Guaranteed Funeral Plans are held in an independent trust, which is managed by independent trustees. The funeral director is not paid for the funeral until after the service has been provided. If you would like to know the current prices, please contact us. When you are ready to proceed, please let us know and we will make an appointment to go through the options and help fill out the application form.

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