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Does your will need to be amended, reviewed or updated? If your circumstances have recently changed and you have decided to make changes to you will, we can help provide advice and guidance.

We can provide secure will storage so that your will is on hand should the worst happen, keeping you and your family protected.

Keeping your family secure

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Will Storage Solutions

Why is it not a good idea to keep the Will yourself?

Over a period of time your Will could get lost or inadvertently destroyed.  In fact it’s estimated that over a third of Wills never come to light. Copy Wills are not valid, so it would then be as if you’d never made a Will (called dying intestate). 

Interested parties could get hold of your Will and possibly destroy it, if they thought they would gain more from you dying intestate. 

If left with a Solicitor, what would happen if they stopped trading or changed hands or moved? How would your executors know where it is lodged? 

Your Executors need quick and easy access to your Will, without unnecessary delays, at what can be a difficult and uncertain time. 

We strongly recommend you utilise the storage solution offered by Whitebrook Wills and administered by an independent specialist storage facility.

Benefits of Will Storage

The benefits of will storage are:- 

  • The document storage facility is an independent service fully protected and insured, provided to give clients a safe, secure option for the storage of their clients Wills and other important documents. 

  • The storage facility is independent of both individuals and companies, so in the event of Whitebrook Wills ceasing to trade for whatever reason, your Will is still kept safe. You and your executors have direct access to your Will. This may not be the case with Wills lodged in other places, for example, solicitors. 

  • There is fast, efficient access to your Will for those authorised. The service is computerised with a unique number given to your Will for easy retrieval. Therefore, there is no delay in getting your Will to the Executors. 


Cards are issued to your executors, so they know the whereabouts of your Will, the unique number and the instructions on how to obtain it.

There is no cost to your executors for retrieving your Will. A certificate is sent to you, detailing the unique number and what other documents they are holding.

Whitebrook Wills will supply you with a copy of your Will to remind you of the contents. This storage service is a low cost, easy option to give you and your Executors peace of mind.

Having gone to the trouble of making a Will, it surely makes sense to keep it safe and sound.

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