Guide to making a will

Making a Will is not something that we all do regularly as part of our daily lives. In fact, official figures suggest that up to 70% of people have not made a Will. However, more and more people are now making a Will as they realise that the wealth that they have built up needs to be managed properly and effectively through a Will. Most people accept this - but simply do not get around to doing anything about it.

This guide will provide you with all the information that you need to be able to make the decision about why you should make a Will and how and where you should make it.

Professional guide to making a will

do i need a will?

Do I need a Will?

The answer is, you probably do - particularly if you own property or belongings and have children. A Will brings security, reassurance and peace of mind for you and all those who depend on you and are important to you.

Our comprehensive service includes a full consultation in the comfort and privacy of your own home and can include advice on executorship, legacies, guardianship, Inheritance Tax Planning, property trusts etc. There are many advantages of making a Will, including:

  • You can decide who benefits from your estate

  • You can leave money and/or personal items to specific family or friends or charities

  • You may wish to ensure that one or more of your family cannot benefit from your death

  • You can decide who manages your affairs after your demise

  • You can decide who will raise your children (especially important if a couple are not married)

  • You can specify who should receive your share of jointly owned property

  • Your wishes are carried out with a minimum of delay
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